We supply flexible packaging and plain substrates including:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Co-extruded
  • laminated
  • Poly shrink
  • Clear film tape
  • Films
  • Polyshrink
  • Co-extruded Film for liquid packaging
  • Co-extruded film – foldable and paper like look and feel
  • Tamper proof courier envelopes
  • Embossed Sheeting
  • Pallet wrap – up to 500% stretch
  • We supply a variety of Carrier Bags including sleeves, patch and loop handles, and draw tape, as well as Poly tubing, Laminated and Standup pouches, and Zip lock bags.
  • Other conversions include frozen food packaging, sugar bags, laminated form-fill seal sheeting, personal hygiene bags, laminated pasta and rice bags, chicken bags, tamper evident courier bags and printed/unprinted shrink wrap.


We supply both self-adhesive and wrap around labels – dependent on the product and application.

Self-adhesive labels:

The adhesive on the back of the label is peeled off a backing paper and applied.
We work with both paper and filmic substrates, and a range of adhesives, dependent on product and purpose. Labels can be laminated, foiled, varnished and numbered. Labels are supplied die cut into shape, and either on a roll, cut and stacked, or sheeted.

Wrap around Labels:

These are often the most cost effective, offering full wrap around coverage. They are well best for surfaces that are difficult to stick to. Labels can be either be gloss, matt, and numbered and come in material options including transparent, metallic or white, in a selection of microns.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves allow for complete coverage of the container and allows the original product shape to be displayed.

Shrink sleeves are film tubes that slip over a container and shrunk using steam or heat to snugly fit the container. This allows for complete coverage of the container.

They can be used for banded packaging of multiple products. By adding perforation, they can also be used as tamper seals.
Shrink Sleeves can be supplied either matte varnished, foiled, perforated and numbered.

We supply them in two forms: either on a roll for machine application or cut and stacked for hand application.

Polywoven Bags

We supply both printed and plain polywoven bags, as well as laminated woven bags. These industrial bags are ideal for packaging sugar, animal feed, wheat, milled maize, and fertilizers.


Paper packaging

Paper sacks and bags have many uses, packaging anything from powdered products like cement, to sealable sacks for airtight food transportation and hazardous products.

We supply: PSV Sacks, SO Bags, OMPB Sacks, Grease Proof Bags and Wax Paper

Our paper sacks are custom designed and modified dependent on product fill. We can supply pinch bottom and sewn sacks.

We produce combinations of polyethylene, aluminium foil, and kraft paper, to create barrier layers. This protects the sack’s contents, waterproofs, preserves flavours and contains unpleasant odours and dangerous chemicals.


Rigid Packaging

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